Recent Projects

Mount Scott Renovation

Mt. Scott/Foster Renovation Mount Scott Bungalow
Built 1907

Renovation started after home was purchased following a foreclosure.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, the home has a sturdy construction that gives it intrinsic value, but the property needed significant work to restore value that was lost from neglect. All work on this home was considered an investment. Projects needed to add value to the home dollar for dollar.

The end result is a home in great condition ready for move in by the new owner.

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Renovation Highlights

Goal: Renovate the home without spending more than the home would be worth after the renovation:

  • Refinished hardwood floors
  • New bathroom fixtures
  • New kitchen with granite countertops and appliances
  • New heating system
  • New paint throughout home

Aloha Renovation

Aloha Renovation Aloha
Built 1950

As with many home built in this era, several additions had been made to the home creating a patchwork of construction pratices and quality. A lack of maintenance was followed by foreclosure. A sad state for once cozy single level floor plan.

For a project such as this, the key question is how far to take the renovation. It is easy to spend more than the value of the property, but cutting corners creates more problems than it solves. In the case of this home, adding central air, a deck, and a new kitchen provided great value for the new buyer. That said, adding insulation and fixing issues with the siding may not have given the home curb appeal, but those changes protect the home for years to come.

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Renovation Highlights

Goal: make the home livable and enjoyable with increased resale value, but spend the buyer's money wisely:

  • Refinished hardwood floors
  • New bathroom fixtures & cabinets
  • New kitchen with granite countertops
  • New vinyl windows
  • New water main
  • New heating duct work with added insulation in attic & crawlspace
  • Add deck for entertaining

Project Gallery

Accessibilty Project Gallery

Projects to provide accessibility for disabled or special needs individuals.

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General Construction & Garages

General Construction
From expanding your current home to full home construction.

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Decks & Patios

Decks & Patios
Wood decks, stone patios, fire pits, as well as, full outdoor kitchens for entertaining.

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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Remodeling of bathrooms, kitchens, and home interiors.

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Landscaping design, sprinkler installation, and landscaping maintenance.

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